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BridgeKidz Children’s Ministry Vision – Ministry Management

by pastorbrett

Today, I close out my blog series on the vision of our BridgeKidz Children’s Ministry talking about Ministry Management.  Some may call this processes, or systems, or whatever…but it’s those core behind-the-scenes things we need to do to allow our ministry to reach it’s potential.  Some of it may seem trivial, but I assure you that […]

BridgeKidz Children’s Ministry Vision – Ministry to Volunteers

by pastorbrett

Anyone…and I mean anyone…who has ever been in charge of any children’s ministry program (no matter the size) KNOWS that you cannot do it alone. It takes a team to provide any type of ministry that’s meaningful and impacting.  So, with children’s ministry being so team oriented, the number one task (and the MOST challenging […]

BridgeKidz Children’s Ministry Vision – Ministry to Parents

by pastorbrett

In my last post, I talked about various ministries we’ll explore to engage the children…to equip them to be fully devoted followers of Christ.  In this post, I’ll cover our vision for ministry to the parents, grandparents, guardians…and really…anyone looking to shepherd the hearts of the children we minister to at The Bridge. So…let’s talk […]

Vision for Ministry – Ministry to Children

by pastorbrett

We continue today with my posts on the Vision for Children’s Ministry @ The Bridge. Today I want to cover “some” of the exciting ministries…children’s programs…that can happen @ The Bridge. There are many exciting Children’s Ministry programs and activities that can engage children.  As we continue to move forward together, I believe that God […]