I’m really going off on a tangent today to share something that’s been on my heart for a while.  Thanks for taking the time to read through it…hopefully it will help you out in some way.  Here we go.

As we move into the season where we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I want to give parents something to think about as we reflect back on the joys of parenting.  And let me just say this, if we’re not experiencing “joys”…we need to make sure we’re operating off the RIGHT list.  So…what IS the “right list”?

Well…much has been written about “what parents do right”.  And in this age where so many people talk about dysfunctional families and all the bad memories of childhood…doing things “right” can have a SIGNIFICANT impact.  And over the past few years, Christian leaders and researchers have been bombarding parents with statistics that show…75% of our kids will walk away from their faith within a couple of years of graduating from high school.

So finding ways to share the stories about “what parents did right” and “how parents successfully communicated their faith” are valuable…and worth noting and emulating.  So…here we go…


What made a difference in the lives of kids?  The most common answers were…

  1. They prayed for their kids.
  2. They were consistent in what they taught.
  3. Christianity wasn’t just something that happened at church…they lived out what they believed.
  4. Their kids saw them truly care about others.
  5. They always made time for fun family get-togethers where they would play games or hike or do something fun…TOGETHER.
  6. They always had time to listen to their kids…and to give them a needed hug.
  7. The kids KNEW they loved them.
  8. They paid attention to what was happening in their kid’s life…and had a genuine interest.
  9. They encouraged and supported their kids.
  10. They got their kids to church and other events so they could make good Christian friends. They encouraged them in Awana and would help them learn their verses and explain what the words meant if they didn’t understand.

Now…as you look over that list (the “What DID Make A Difference” list)…you’ll (hopefully) realize there’s also a very glaring supporting list for “What DIDN’T Make A Difference”.  What’s on THAT list?  Let’s take a look…


Not one person said the following had any positive impact.

  1. My parents worked long hours so we could live in a nice house.
  2. My parents made sure I had the latest toys and technology.
  3. My parents let me watch TV or play video games for six or seven hours a day.
  4. My parents let me make my own rules…live life MY way.
  5. My parents didn’t pay any attention to where I was in my Awana book because they knew I was busy with homework, sports, and other “stuff”.

I’m sure there are many other things that can be added onto this list…but I believe you get the point of what IS and what ISN’T making a difference in the lives of our children.

So…I leave you with this…

Think about it…

  • What list are YOU building YOUR house upon?
  • What kind of list are you making at your house?
  • How do you think YOUR children would respond?

Kind of makes you think doesn’t it?

  • Are we sending the right message…
  • Are we having the right kind of positive impact…
  • Are we leaving a lasting legacy of faith in our children?

The answers are between you, and God…and your family.  My prayer is that you will make the choices that will leave a lasting legacy of faith in your family for generations to come.

God Bless…and thanks for reading along!!!

Pastor Brett

Children’s Pastor

BridgeKidz Children’s Ministry

Ironbridge Baptist Church