Following up on my post from yesterday…here’s my thoughts on Chapter 1 of the book “Be Our Guest – Perfecting the Art of Customer Service”.  Again, I encourage anyone who reads my blog to read along…especially if you want to join us on our journey to excellence in ministry.

Key learnings from Chapter 1…

1) Disney’s success is based on what they term as “magic”…though it’s not what WE consider magic.  It’s the magic of quality, the magic of innovation, the magic of beauty, the magic of families coming together, and the magic of their cast members…it’s ALL of those things bundled together that make the “magic” work.

How does this relate to The Bridge? 

There are several reminders here.

First, we must continue to be innovative in our approach to ministry…not changing the message…but be willing to change the methods if necessary.

Second, we must take pride in our facilities…which means EVERYONE takes ownership in the care-taking of God’s property.  It should not just be the responsibility of our custodial staff, trustees, or pastoral staff to ensure our facilities are first rate…it should be the responsibility of everyone collectively.  See a problem, be part of the solution.  See a need, fill it.  Hear of a need, help in realizing the goal.

And…finally…this is a reminder that ALL ministries at The Bridge are important.  All of our ministries must be executing with excellence if we are going to realize FAMILIES coming together…to The Bridge…to worship each and every Sunday.  If we sacrifice any ministry for the sake of another…we will not realize that quality goal.

2) Success as Disney is because of “The Show” – a highly practical process made up of a series of meticulously planned, well-rehearsed steps that are designed to delight the audience.  A show that runs at the Disney Parks from the moment guests arrive until they leave for home.

What does this mean to The Bridge?

Though we are not really “a show”…we must prepare like we are…meaning…all of those that minister (in whatever capacity) MUST ensure that they are prepared.  If you teach…study.  If you sing…practice, rehearse.  If you care for toddlers, pray ahead of time.  Whatever you do…prepare…meticulously planned, well-rehearsed steps that are designed to delight our guests.

3) It is the plethora of little wows, many of which seem fairly insignificant at the time, on which Quality Service depends.  If the little wows are delivered consistently and continuously, they add up to a big WOW!

What does this mean to The Bridge?

It means the little things add up.  The umbrella assistance on a raining day…or the extra pair of hands for a mother with lots to carry in from the parking lot…the escorting to an appropriate class…or the reassurance that their child is loved and cared for…the smiles and warm welcomes from strangers (and friends)…or just the simple willingness to spend some time talking with someone you don’t already know.  There are SO MANY little things that we could all do every Sunday to make a plethora of little wows feel like a BIG WOW to our guests.  And the funny thing…most (if not all) of them are free…just a matter of someone making a small effort to reach out and create that wow factor.

Think about what YOU could do this week…and every week to add that type of little wow to someone’s life…that just might turn out to be a BIG WOW for Christ.

I’ll close with this today…

4) Quality Service…It means paying close attention to every aspect of the guest experience.  It means analyzing that experience from the guest’s perspective, understanding the needs and wants of the guest, and committing every element of the business…from design of each element of the infrastructure to the interaction between guest and cast…to the creation of an exceptional experience.

What does this mean to The Bridge?

We need to look at our facilities, our processes, everything…through the filtered lenses of a guest…from their perspective.  Everything from quality (or lack of) signage to direct them appropriately; to clean and well-prepared facilities that are warm and inviting; to properly staffed nursery, preschool, and children’s rooms; to programs and services that meet their needs as they live life everyday…teaching them how to handle and thrive throughout life’s highs and lows; to people willing and wanting to connect with them outside of the “church” environment to build a relationship.

I guess a better way to phrase this is…they want “authenticity”…they want to know and feel how much we care about them.  And to do that, they’re going to watch what we do and how we do it as we interact with them.  EVERYONE is important when it comes to interaction with our guests.

That’s my summary of Chapter 1…I’ll save my review of the highlights of Disney’s Quality Service Compass…as they are covered in detail in future chapters.  I’ll go into them at that time.

God Bless…and thanks for reading along!!!

Pastor Brett

Children’s Pastor

BridgeKidz Children’s Ministry

Ironbridge Baptist Church