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BridgeKidz – Is God Calling You to Help?

by pastorbrett

Hey Briders…this week’s BridgeKidz post is going to be a bit different.  My wonderful wife (Stephanie) summarized our vision and needs for the Nursery/Preschool area this past week.  Today, I want to share that information with all of you.  We feel staffing to this level is critical to begin the spiritual formation of our children […]

Bridge Kidz Review – Be Our Guest – Chapter 5 – The Magic of Process

by pastorbrett

Going to be a busy week…so I’ll be summarizing…in one post…Chapter 5 of the book – Be Our Guest…The Magic of Process. I believe one of the keys to the Magic of Process is this key statement from the book; “What Walt wanted was the greatest creative effort – not the most efficient process.”  If I had […]

BridgeKidz – Encouragement for Fathers this Father’s Day

by pastorbrett

Father’s Day…it’s just a couple days away…and it’s THE ONE day a year we dads get officially honored with a new tie, perhaps a day off from “honey do’s”, the meal of our choice, or time to relax with our children.  Isn’t it great to be a dad?  I think so. But…dads…how do we know if our fathering…our […]

Bridge Kidz Review – Be Our Guest – Chapter 3

by pastorbrett

This week we’re in Chapter 3 – The Magic of Cast – in the Book – Be Our Guest.  I pray you’ve been reading along as we look at some timely principles in how to interact with everyone who comes, not only through the doors of our church, but whom we interact with in everyday […]

Bridge Kidz Review – Be Our Guest – Chapter 2

by pastorbrett

We’ve been reading the book… “Be Our Guest”    This week was Chapter 2.  There was lots of good stuff in Chapter 2…but just a few main take-a-ways for me.  Here they are: First is was the reaffirmation (of what I already knew) that our customers (guests) and their expectations are changing ALL THE TIME.  What […]