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We DO NOT Volunteer for VBS…We ARE VBS!

by pastorbrett

I’m finding it hard to concentrate on much tonight…and may not sleep much either…as the topic of VBS staffing for our program next week is laying heavy on heart.  Why would that be?  Let me tell you why… Why is VBS SOOooo important? Stated simply…VBS MAKES A DIFFERENCE! It’s such a blessing to see how […]

BridgeKidz – Parent Helps – Getting Kids to Listen – Part 2

by pastorbrett

This is Part 2 of the series on Getting Kids to Listen.  In my last post, I gave tips 1 – 6.  If you missed that post…here’s the link:  Today we go through tips 7 – 15. We know that learning how to listen does not happen “by chance”.   YOU are your child’s best communication […]

BridgeKidz – Parent Helps – Getting Kids to Listen – Part 1

by pastorbrett

Hey….HEY…time for a REALITY CHECK! Did you know…experts say…learning to listen is one of the most crucial habits our children need for handling life?  Did ya’ know that? Improving your kid’s listening skills will benefit every arena of their life…from improving their school performance, to building relations with friends, to excelling in job performance, as well […]

Bridge Kidz Review – Be Our Guest – Chapter 6 – The Magic of Integration

by pastorbrett

We’re in the final chapter of the book Be Our Guest.  This week’s chapter is…The Magic of Integration.  It’s been a very interesting and enlightening book that I pray will continue to provide benefits to The Bridge for years to come.  Now, let’s talk about Chapter 6. This chapter introduced a couple of useful tools for the brainstorming, […]