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BridgeKidz Mantra – Don’t Be “The Best”

by pastorbrett

As a church or as a ministry…have you ever found yourself saying something like…“We want to be the best [fill in the blank] in our community.” Or…maybe you’ve come up with a catch phrase something like… “We’re committed to excellence…no matter what!” I’ve done it…in the past…many of us have…because that’s what we’ve been taught.  But…is that […]

SO….What Kind of Volunteer Are You?!?

by pastorbrett

If you’ve ever worked in children’s ministry in a small church environment…you understand that having enough workers (volunteers) is generally the biggest frustration.  And through that experience you learn just how funny some people are…how they have some different ideas about what children’s ministry “is”…and those ideas lead them to many conclusions as to why God has not “called” […]

Dealing with the Tweener Attitude…”WHATEVER”

by pastorbrett

For those that have them…you know…nothing can be more challenging than a tween…with an attitude. Imagine this scenario… You and your tween are having another heated conversation…then it happens…they come back with…“WHATEVER”…and the door slams as they storm out. You’re standing there in amazement…the door just inches from your nose.  And you’re thinking…how could MY sweet child have turned into […]

What’s the biggest issue that your family is dealing with?

by pastorbrett

What puts stress on your family relationships? What causes you to lose sleep…or perhaps your sanity? In what area do you look for answers and/or help from the church? Let us know…and we will look for ways to address the top issues that our parents @ The Bridge face. Thanks for participating! [polldaddy poll=6469485]

Does Your Action Match Your Passion?

by pastorbrett

God has been convicting me over these past couple days about my drive…about my energy…about my passion…why?  Well…as much as you may want to know why…I’m not going to give you all those details.  But I will let you know what He’s been saying.  I’m going to be a bit more vulnerable today than usual…but […]

BridgeKidz – Parent Helps – Why Children Stay in Church

by pastorbrett

If you’re like me, you’ve been hearing a lot lately about children leaving the church as they grow older (some in their teens, others as they leave home).  We read about church exodus in books, in magazine articles, through surveys, online, and we hear about it on talk shows.  A lot of data is presented […]