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A Christmas Tribute to My Wife

by pastorbrett

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now…but let the challenges of life distract me…well…NO MORE! I want you to travel with me back to July 1988. Like most couples, we selected several songs to be “our” songs to remember our wedding day…songs that we danced to at our wedding reception. […]

I Hate It When He’s Right…OK…Not Really.

by pastorbrett

During this journey through the wilderness….it’s amazing how God chooses to speak…and humbling too. My study today took me to the story of Abraham where God commanded him to sacrifice his son. And as I sat here…praying for God’s wisdom and guidance on my job search (now entering month 3 with no solid prospects)…I believe […]

My Wild Goose Chase

by pastorbrett

Well…the interim web development position is done…told me not to come back unless I can commit long term working at a pay rate that will not support my family…obviously cannot do that. So…it’s done and once again I am completely unemployed. I know many have been in this position before…and for those that have never […]

So…What’s Next? Following God’s Plan!

by pastorbrett

Greetings friends! As I go through this time of transition, I’ve had plenty of time to spend with God…in study and in prayer.  And if there’s one thing I know…when you spend time with God…He’s there! I’ve been journaling along the way, and it’s interesting to go back to see how the journey has gone […]

All I Want…But Why Is It So Difficult…

by pastorbrett

It’s been awhile since I last posted…but I’ve had plenty of ALONE time these past few weeks.  And as I sit here in an quiet house, all my family is a LONG distance away (Wife and 2 youngest in KC visiting grandma, oldest son now married – living and going to school in Illinois, and […]

A Personal Message to The Bridge Faith Family

by pastorbrett

June 12, 2013 Dear Bridge Family, I’ll never forget the day I received the phone call from the Search Team of Ironbridge Baptist Church. I sensed in my heart the Lord prompting us, that it was His will for us to come be part of the leadership team of this faith family. We could have […]