I want to share briefly what I learned during my quiet time today…

In Mark Chapter 5 (v.21-43), Jesus has a crowd gathered around Him, but only two had drawn the attention of Mark.

  • One was a very visible member of the community, Jairus, who was famous…the other, was an anonymous woman.
  • Jairus was wealthy…the woman lived in poverty.
  • Jairus was the leader of the synagogue…but because of her physical condition, the woman was forbidden from entering the synagogue.
  • For 12 years, as his daughter grew, the house of Jairus was filled with laughter and joy…during that same period, the house of the woman was filled with despair and misery.

And so these two people…at opposite ends of life’s spectrum…waited for Jesus.

We, at times, may be like Jairus…we’re riding high…business is booming…your marriage is blessed…the family is growing…your body is healthy. BUT…here’s the thing…we don’t know what the next moment holds. Before the clock strikes midnight tonight…we might find ourselves totally, unexpectedly in the middle of a major tragedy. We don’t know what the next moment holds. Those who are Jairuses (currently riding high)…realize this: like this man, the next moment could bring tragedy into your world. 

Conversely, those like the woman…either going through an endless stream of setbacks…or one persistent problem…don’t know what the next hour holds. The next moment just might bring a miracle of astounding proportion.

Pondering this keeps me from complacency when I feel like I’m in Jairus’ sandals…and from despairing when it seems like I’m standing in the woman’s shoes.

Both of their stories remind me that the Lord is my Shield and my Protector…and if He allows difficulty, setback, or tragedy to come into my life…He will also be my Glory and the Lifter of my head.

Thanks Lord…so needed that lesson this morning.

How about you? Are you riding high, like Jarius…or traveling through some challenging times?

Just remember…a moment with Jesus can quickly change your situation…either way. 

That’s what I got for today…

God Bless…and thanks for reading along!!!

Pastor Brett
Children’s Pastor
BridgeKidz Children’s Ministry
Ironbridge Baptist Church