June 12, 2013

Dear Bridge Family,

I’ll never forget the day I received the phone call from the Search Team of Ironbridge Baptist Church. I sensed in my heart the Lord prompting us, that it was His will for us to come be part of the leadership team of this faith family. We could have never imagined the journey God would have in store for us. I’m so glad that when God said “Go” – that I answered His call to come to Chester, VA.

God continues to be our guide and it’s no easy thing to try to use the wisdom that comes from the Spirit and the Word to discern what the proper steps are to take in life. As we continue to rely on His guidance and wisdom, it’s with sadness and mixed emotions that I must inform you that my ministry as the Children’s Pastor of Ironbridge Baptist Church is coming to a close. I’m fully confident that my departure will not hinder the work here. I also realize full well that many times the same man whom God uses to bring a ministry from point A to point B is not the same man to lead that ministry from point B to point C. God chose Moses to bring the Israelites out of Egypt, but then God appointed Joshua to bring them into the Promised Land. I believe that God is choosing to move me on – in part – because He knows in His divine wisdom that another pastor must step into this position to lead this ministry on towards its next phase of growth and development.

We are very grateful for the opportunities we’ve had here on our journey with The Bridge Faith Family and the friendships that were developed. We’ve been encouraged by the embracing of changes that have moved the BridgeKidz ministries forward to new heights, and pray that momentum in these ministries will continues beyond our ministry here. And while I will not have the privilege of pastoring here anymore, I will be cheering for your success in your service to our God. I know the mission will never stop, and I know you will persevere and thrive, regardless of who leads this ministry.

There will be a transition period, beginning June 17th through the month of July, where we will support the BridgeKidz ministries, but I will not be able to maintain normal weekday office hours. During that time, I can be contacted during the week through email and text and will respond as available. I will be present and active on the weekends in the ministry.

Thank you for how you have encouraged us, supported us, and made us a part of your family. Though my relationship with you, as your Children’s Pastor will change, my love for you will not. We really believe that your best days for the Bridge are yet ahead, and though I will not always be one of your pastors, we will always be family.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers during this transition.

Respectfully submitted with love for all of you,

Brett & Stephanie Dietrich (and family!)