Greetings friends!

As I go through this time of transition, I’ve had plenty of time to spend with God…in study and in prayer.  And if there’s one thing I know…when you spend time with God…He’s there!

I’ve been journaling along the way, and it’s interesting to go back to see how the journey has gone (that conversation time with God).

Since being let go from my corporate job, there has been time to reflect on what God is really calling me to do.

Am I to remain in the corporate world?

OR –

Am I to remain in full-time ministry (remain true to my calling)?

The truth is…I don’t have a CLEAR answer yet…but I got a gut feel…and usually when I get those feelings…they’re “spot on.”  I’m not going to divulge that answer yet…but wait to see if that’s God’s plan as well.

There are many valid reasons (human thinking) for either case…and many pros & cons as well.  But the bottom line must be…


That’s the ultimate question that must be answered…and answered correctly, if I’m going to have peace and success in my future roles.

As I pray and meditate upon it, I can’t help but think of all the lives impacted, the lives changed, the good that has come from our ministry efforts…and the fact that I deeply miss the opportunities and interactions that being in ministry afforded me.  Sure, there were challenges for there is no “perfect” church and there are no “perfect’ people.  But that’s what ministry is all about…working with God to use His imperfect creations to do His perfect work.  Sure, there were times of financial struggle, when we wondered where our next meal would come from or how a bill would get paid, that were all worth it to see God’s victories in and through His people.  So while being in ministry is not perfect, being in God’s will and seeing His work makes it as close to perfect as life gets…and I’ve missed that.

Sure, corporate work pays allot better (assuming you can keep a job in this economy)…but the intangibles (like those in ministry) are non-existent.

SO…going back to my last post…

All I want is 4 Things…4 SIMPLE things that I believe are a good start to a great life (in Christ)…those are:

  1. I want my family to grow up loving and serving God
  2. I want to have T-I-M-E to spend growing up WITH my family (knowing who they are at each stage of life…and celebrating that)
  3. I want to be able to meet our financial obligations
  4. I want to enjoy the work I do

What I’ve learned along my journeys…

  • #1 is a NON-NEGOTIABLE…it MUST happen and will.
  • I’ve found that obtaining #3 at the expense of #2 and #4 is NOT worth the damage it will cause to the family relationships and family dynamics.
  • Sacrificing #3 for a cause has some benefits, but also causes more stress and concern than I believe God wants in our lives.

So…the challenge is finding the right opportunity, the right situation, that “right” position/opportunity that provides for a balance in these areas.

Is it out there…YOU BET!  I just need to work God’s plan to find it.

And when I do…we’ll continue to praise God…for He is (ALWAYS) good…and we know He’ll always care for and guide us.

And when I DO find it…I’ll let you all know so you can continue to follow along!

That’s all I got for today…thanks for following the journey this far!

Brett Dietrich

Children’s Pastor?

– OR –

Project Manager / Manager / Analyst / McDonald’s Fry Cook?