Well…the interim web development position is done…told me not to come back unless I can commit long term working at a pay rate that will not support my family…obviously cannot do that. So…it’s done and once again I am completely unemployed. I know many have been in this position before…and for those that have never been here…let me tell you for all of us…it’s not a good place! It’s not a happy place, not a good place, and makes one question EVERYTHING while you’re here.

But what I want to share today is a word that the Lord sent to me the other day that I’ve been holding on to as my hope…as an answer to one of my many questions while “there”.

It’s found in 2 Timothy 2:13 –

13 if we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.

Let me break down the message I got from this….

The first part (if we are faithless) is not talking about faith or believing for salvation, but talking about the times when our faith is faltering…when we’re struggling…when we’re slipping and sliding…as many of us do from time to time…ESPECIALLY when the hard times of life come upon us. I know I struggle with this when I get in these types of situations where things seem dire…when there looks like there’s no hope…when you just can’t seem to get the break needed to get back on track again. I wonder…where is God when I need Him…I feel abandoned at my time of greatest need…and it challenges my faith in Him.

But the great news in all this is the next part (he remains faithful). Think of it this way…through this analogy:

We travel across the country to Yellowstone National Park. There we are, standing by the fence waiting for Old Faithful to erupt…as it does every 92 minutes. But after about 30 minutes, you become bored and you see a goose over yonder…which you decide to follow into the woods. I remain by the fence and see the spectacle of Old Faithful’s geyser…beautiful. You…on the other hand…miss out because you’re on a wild goose chase. Finally you think to yourself…This is dumb. I’m going back to position myself close to Old Faithful again.

Now…when Old Faithful sees you coming…it doesn’t say: “Well, well, well. Look who’s finally decided to show up. There’s no way I will erupt for you. You’ve been on a wild goose chase.”

No…Old Faithful erupts regularly…faithfully…no matter where you are or aren’t.

Friends…what Paul is saying here is that God is…in the best sense of the word…“Old Faithful”. Why? Because His blessings are continually flowing. And if I (once again) go off on a wild goose chase…I won’t be blessed…NOT because the blessings aren’t there…but because I’ve moved away. But…and here’s the key…once I realize I’m in the woods on some crazy excursion…some wild goose chase…and return to the geyser of the goodness of God’s grace…I find that God is faithful still.

Let me tell you…for years I thought God had to be primed…through praise, prayer, and devotion. And I thought if I could just pump the handle of His blessings hard enough (give me more praise, I need more prayer, crank up more devotion)…well THEN the blessings would start coming my way again. But then I realized…His grace is there any time I choose to come back to my senses and come back to Him…not because of anything I’ve done.

You see…God cannot deny Himself. He’s not faithful with me one day…and frustrated with me the next. He’s not generous one day…but stingy the next. He is continually and completely faithful.

And once I understand this…and don’t let myself wander off on a goose chase…then I’ll once again enjoy the splendors of “Old Faithful”.

That’s that I got for today…hope this helps you out as much as it helped me during this challenging time.

God Bless!!!

Brett Dietrich