During this journey through the wilderness….it’s amazing how God chooses to speak…and humbling too.

My study today took me to the story of Abraham where God commanded him to sacrifice his son. And as I sat here…praying for God’s wisdom and guidance on my job search (now entering month 3 with no solid prospects)…I believe God used this story to speak some guidance into my search. It says in Genesis 22:2

Take now thy son

As I pondered that…God began to convict me…because…it says “take” when? “Take NOW”!

That simple phrase made me realize how extraordinary it is that we (ok…at least I) debate God! Many times I know the right thing to do…but I try to find excuses for not doing it…or not doing it now. And I believe I may be doing it again…right now…with my job search. I KNOW the right thing to do…but I continue to debate God…I continue to want to do what I want to do…telling myself (and trying to convince God) this MUST be what you want me to do…RIGHT? And it’s not working.

You see…here’s what I know…a climb to any height with God can never be done “soon”…or in “MY time”…it must be done NOW. Look at Abraham …“And Abraham rose up early in the morning and went unto the place of which God had told him” (v. 3). WOW…what simplicity in Abraham’s action. When God spoke…he didn’t think about it…he didn’t debate it or talk about it with his friends & family. He did it. But here’s the problem…I tend to want to confer with friends and family…convey my own sympathies and strategies and insight…many which may not be based on my relationship to God.

Here’s the other thing I saw in this story…Abraham didn’t choose the sacrifice…God did. And when God makes your cup sweet…drink it with grace. And if He makes the bitter…drink it in communion with Him. If the providential will of God is a hard time of difficulty…then I must go through it. God chose the vessel for Abraham and Abraham did not protest…he went steadily through. I know I must go through the difficulty. Why? Because in this difficulty…I’ll learn to know God better. God keeps working for His highest ends until His purpose…and my purpose…become one.

I’m praying I’m getting it straight now…and I’m going down His chosen path.

That’s what I got for today…hope this helps you out as much as it helped me during this challenging time.

God Bless!!!

Brett Dietrich