Brett DietrichPastor Brett spent 23 years in corporate technology management and consulting prior to following God’s call into fulltime ministry. Brett and his family (wife – Stephanie…and their children) are honored to be Christ’s under-shepherd, serving as lead pastor at First Baptist Church, in Cherryvale, KS.  The vision for his ministry in Cherryvale is focused on thing…CHANGING THE STORY.  Without Christ’s followers being firmly grounded in His Word, how can we be expected to impact and change the community, and the world.

Pastor Brett and his family are excited about God’s call and His mission for them in Cherryvale, KS.  Though it’s a small-town, small-church environment, God is working to do some mighty things.  It’s not the size of the church that matters, it’s the heart of the people.

We encourage you to join us, and see what God’s doing.

God Bless!

Pastor Brett